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Customer Testimonials
We, at JEEM Farms, truly value you as a customer, and we value your opinion. Please take the time to let us know how we're doing, and what your thoughts are on our tomatoes and cucumbers. Send us an email, so we can add your comments to this list. 
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Thank you from all of us at JEEM Farms!
"These are the best greenhouse tomatoes I've ever eaten!  They taste just like they came out of a garden.  I can't wait to get more!  See you soon!
Brenda Butner
Siloam, NC

"The level of service at JEEM FARMS is fantastic. Having been a customer since they opened their doors, I am consistently impressed by the quality of their tomatoes!  Thank you!”
Earl Markson
Siloam, NC
“In this day and age, it's hard to find people who are willing to work as hard at providing good tomatoes as JEEM FARMS does.  This company was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
Jane Wright
Pilot Mountain, NC
"The tomatoes are so good that I have to hide them from everyone... I've even put them in the closet!"
Ricky Lawson
King, NC
"I went fishing with some friends and took the tomatoes I bought from JEEM Farms with us.  I didn't say anything about the tomatoes... I just asked each of them to try one and to tell me what they thought.  Their faces lit up and they smiled!  I knew they liked what they were eating.  All I can say is the guys didn't believe tomatoes like this were grown in Pilot Mountain, NC.  And, they couldn't believe the taste they had in the middle of January.  JEEM Farms gained 4 new customers on that trip!  The guys are already looking forward to the tomato sandwiches on our next trip.  Thanks!"
Dale Jessup
Winston Salem, NC
"I drive many many miles to get tomatoes from JEEM Farms.  Once I arrive, the view from the greenhouse is spectacular, and the customer service I receive is wonderful!  Larry is such a nice and helpful person!  The tomatoes are delicious and, boy, are they worth the trip!  Thank you JEEM Farms for growing such delicious tomatoes for my family and I!
Joe Martin
Salisbury, NC
"I may have to make a long trip to get tomatoes, but they are worth it!  They are delicious and they are so juicy!!!  It's definitely a worth while trip b/c not only are the tomatoes so good, but I get several pounds and share them with my friends in my area!
Bill Middleton
Rural Hall, NC
"Thank you JEEM Farms for providing my family with such wonderful tomatoes!  There isn't anything any better than fresh tomatoes that taste good and are tender.  The store bought ones are hard, tasteless, and tough to eat.  I end up throwing them all away!  I love knowing we can get such wonderful tomatoes when the field crops aren't available!  (I've actually asked JEEM Farms to grow tomatoes all year long!)
Jane and Mark Fulk
Statesville, NC
JEEM Farms are some of the only growers that can provide me with tomatoes I can eat.  I don't have teeth, so it's usually hard for me to eat tomatoes because of the skin and how tough they are.  JEEM Farm's tomatoes are tender and they are so juicy, that even without teeth, I don't have any trouble eating them.  Thank you so much for growing tomatoes that I can eat!
Jamie Miller
Ararat, NC