JEEM Farms - all things tomatoes - We're expanding! - Pinnacle, NC
JEEM FARMS, LLC - Fresh, Summer Taste "OFFSEASON"!
Because of YOU...
our operation has expanded!
We have recently added some sq footage to our operation, but we have also added to our tomato selection.
We will offer:
*Roma Tomatoes
*Cherry Tomatoes
*Grape Tomatoes

Take a look at some of the things we've been doing over the past few years.  (Hold the mouse over the picture.  A caption should appear... read it to find out what the pictures represent.)
You see some of the parts of the greenhouse... won't be too much longer and we'll have more greenhouse tomatoes!
Emery and Everett are heading out to the loader to start working on the land!  The new greenhouse will be going up soon!
Emery and Everett decided to sit on the gutters of the future greenhouse.  Looks like it's comfortable!  They can watch daddy (Justin) work from this position... it might help if they would turn around huh?!?!
Justin is giving his boys (Emery and Everett) a break!  He's decided to do the work and let them rest by the tree!  Haha!
Justin and someone else are working on the land.  Trying to get everything in place for the greenhouse to be built on.  It takes a lot of work to prep the land for construction!
The beautiful shot of Pilot Mountain is the background for our greenhouse!  What a gorgeous place we'll have for slicing tomatoes to make sandwiches during a picnic!  (You can see where the grass was mashed and is beginning to grow back.)
So far, we have one set of bows attached to the frame!  Only 3 more sets of bows and then the rest of the greenhouse!  Yeah!
Emery and Everett sit back and watch their daddy (Justin McKinney) as he works on the greenhosue expansion.  It doesn't take long before they're up and running around!!  (If you click on this picture and look really closely, you can see Justin on the far right wall about half way down the wall.) 
While Em continues to paint the greenhouse floor, Ev is going to fill his holes in to dig out again!  He'll show Em whose in charge!Ev decides he will dig the holes while Em paints the greenhouse floor.  Wonder if Em will ever get finished?!?! 
JEEM Farms Greenhouses.  This is what you will see when you are driving to our greenhouses.The gorgeous view of Pilot Mountain we'll have when the greenhouses are finished!