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Our 2nd season begins!
Our season is winding down.....
Facebook page update....
Website and Facebook Pictures update
Facebook Page pictures...


Em and Ev eat a tomato!
Facebook Page
Our season is beginning to wind down!
Thank you for visiting our site!
We have entered our 2nd harvesting season!
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Our 2nd season begins!

We have 'officially' entered our 2nd harvesting season!  YEAH!!!  We began harvesting on Oct. 19, 2011, and the results have been phenomenal!!  Our tomatoes are absolutely delicious!  We not only have our famous beefsteak tomatoes, but we also have cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes....

Give us a call, send us a facebook message, or email us for your orders!  We would love to share the deliciousness with you!

Our season is winding down.....

Our season is beginning to wind down! We will be finishing this tomato crop right around July 3rd, so you still have a chance to visit us if you haven't already.  Please be sure to call before making a trip.... if you let us know you're on your way, we can set some tomatoes to the side for you.

Facebook page update....

JEEM Farms facebook page has been updated!  Be sure to check it out, and 'like' us today!!  Thank you so much for your support!  We sincerely appreciate every single customer who has purchased tomatoes from us!!

Website and Facebook Pictures update

I added some pictures to our website.  I also updated our Facebook page today.  Please take at look at it!  (You can go to to view it.)  Enjoy!! 

We will continue to have tomatoes until sometime in July.  Be sure to stop by to get some!!  They are YUMMY!!

Facebook Page pictures...

I updated our Facebook page this afternoon.  You need to take a look at the pictures I've added!  Enjoy!!

If you haven't already, we would love it if you 'liked' us today on Facebook.  Visit us at

Small change...

I had to make a  small change to something on the website, so instead of looking under "
Em and Ev eat a tomato", look for the boys seperately.  Enjoy!!

Emery and Everett eat their tomato!

Emery and Everett's grandpa, Larry Masten, picked a tomato out of the JEEM Farms greenhouse, and gives it to them to eat.  Some pictures are posted in the 'Em and Ev eat a tomato' link.  The pics are cute, and definitely give justice to how good the tomatoes we grow really are!  Enjoy looking!  (Larry is in the greenhouse daily looking after the plants!)

Our 'likes' are going up! Yeah!

We are officially on Facebook!  The page isn't quite finished, so don't think too poorly of it!  haha!  I am going to be adding some pictures to it, and will add some other things, so make sure you keep going back.  And, please become a fan while you're there.  Seeing visitors on this page, and seeing our 'likes's going up on the Facebook page is sooo exciting! 

Facebook Page addition!

I have been working on our Facebook page for the last few hours.  It's nothing special, but it's a start!!  If you will, go to the page (JEEM Farms, LLC) and become a fan!  We would love to have you!!

Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website!  Creating the site was a delightful experience.  I hope your visit was equally as wonderful!
We hope you are able to visit our greenhouse, and are able to enjoy the tomatoes and cucumbers we grow.  A lot of hard work and diligence goes into growing the tomatoes and cucumbers, but hearing the compliments from our new and repeat customers far outweighs the work!