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Ready to start a wholesome diet filled with the bounties of the earth?

Then JEEM Farms is for you! We are happy to announce that we can offer you 'offseason' tomatoes!

JEEM Farms understands that during the dreary cold days of Winter, it is hard to imagine having a bright red, juicy, delicious tomato in your hands. Lucky for you, we have them available from around the end of March through July. You can call to preorder, or you can drive straight to our greenhouse for purchases. We stand behind our produce and guarantee your 100% satisfaction in the taste and the quality! The majority of our business is through repeat customers and those that spread the word about our tomatoes! Maintaining a relationship with our customers is very important to us. If you have any problems with what you receive, please let us know! So far, we have a 100% satisfaction rate, and we intend for it to remain this way!

Our greenhouse, which is open Mon-Sat, and is open on Sunday's by appointment, aims to provide all of the surrounding area with our locally grown tomatoes. We are selling to families and businesses located all through NC and VA. We hope to reach even more states! People from towns in NC such as King, Ararat, Rural Hall, Kernersville, Winston Salem, Elkin, Dobson, Mt. Airy, Shoals, Booneville, Yadkinville, Rockingham, Pilot Mountain, Statesville, and more, are coming to visit us! We have several restaurants who are purchasing our tomatoes, so if you own a business or have a restaurant, and would like to talk to us about purchasing our tomatoes, please do so!

We truly appreciate the effort people make to enjoy our produce! Every tomato that goes out our door is one that was grown with pride and hard work, so thank you for stopping by and showing us how much you appreciate what we offer!

What sets us apart from others??

 JEEM Farms, LLC, located just minutes from Pilot Mountain, NC, is a family owned operation whose objective is to fully ensure your 'offseason' tomato satisfaction! The tomatoes we grow are juicy, meaty, and full of flavor! Our greenhouse grown produce is grown through the use of sustainable farming techniques and other organic methods. Using this method, you can be assured we are providing produce in an environmentally friendly way and you can be assured that our produce is completely safe to eat! Allowing you the opportunity to enjoy our tomatoes just as nature intended is what we intend to do... fresh, tasty, and naturally grown!

How can I enjoy tomatoes??

Our tomatoes can be enjoyed in a variety of ways! You can slice them to lay on bread slathered with mayonnaise for a delicious sandwich. Cutting them into small chunks to put on salads is a wonderful way to eat them. Or, grilling them in addition to other veggies and serving with a lean meat is a delicious and nutritious meal. When the kids come home from school, chopping them to put in a dip is a great snack. Perhaps you have unexpected guests? You can dice our tomatoes and cucumbers, and mix them with a couple of other veggies for another quick and nutritous snack. Lots of people dice them to put in spaghetti sauce. And, surprisingly, lots of people also eat the tomato by itself, just as you would an apple. In other words, tomatoes are edible in virtually any fashion you can think of! Having a few in your kitchen of different ripenesses is a wonderful idea! Enjoy some today, in a couple of days, and then later in the week... we should have all sizes and ripeness's available!

Lastly, fortunately, tomatoes are an antioxidant powerhouse!! They are a food that almost anyone in any health condition can eat, and best of all, the taste will keep you coming back! 

We thank YOU!

JEEM Farms sincerely thanks you for the time you are taking to look through our website! If you haven't tried our tomatoes, we certainly hope you will stop by soon! If you are already a customer of ours, thank you for your business! Without YOU, JEEM Farms could not happen! We enjoy the opportunity to grow produce and, if you haven't already, we hope you will choose us to satisfy your tomato needs!

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