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As you can see, we have a very hard working staff!! But, after picking the tomatoes pictured, maybe the boys should be tired?!?



What does JEEM in 'JEEM Farms' stand for anyway??

JEEM stands for Justin, Emery, Everett, and Michelle. Justin and Michelle are married and own the business. Emery and Everett (who are Justin and Michelle's twin sons) came along very shortly after they decided to start growing the tomatoes. Even though the business has the name JEEM Farms, it would not exist without the help of Michelle's dad, Larry Masten, who is the one that truly makes everything happen! He talks to the plants and gives them the support they need to thrive! 

A third "E" has recently come along.  We can't forget about the little girl who helps to brighten everyone's day!

 So, what does JEEM Farms have to offer??

 A GORGEOUS view from the greenhouses....





JEEM Farms greenhouse tomatoes are, without exception, the freshest and tastiest 'locally grown' produce you will find during the Winter and Spring. The taste they offer is "indescribable" and is "absolutely wonderful", as customers have stated. Many have commented that our tomatoes are more flavorful than those grown in the fields in the Summer. What a compliment! While the Summer field crops are in full swing, you can savor their taste and have enjoyment in knowing you were able to get a fresh from the garden tomato. However, once this seemingly short season winds down, you are left with mediocre to lousy imported and chemically filled tomatoes. Where we come in is when the locally grown Summer field crop tomatoes are no longer available. We will have greenhouse tomatoes from March through July. (Keep in mind that even though they are 'greenhouse tomatoes', they are much different from 'typical' greenhouse tomatoes you will likely find anywhere else!) So, when the field crops finish, you can get tomatoes from us, and can continue until the others come back into season!

Our mission is to guarantee quality and taste, and we avoid chemicals... thus, a second mission of ours is to be known for delicious, tasty, and safe to eat tomatoes. We work hard to look after the cleanliness of our greenhouse to ensure contamination doesn't occur. Why not offer a naturally grown product the way nature intended... fresh and tasty!

USDA GAP Certification

JEEM Farms greenhouse operation is USDA GAP certified. GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practice, and once this accreditation has been awarded, it sets us apart from many other growers. This certification means we have set our standards extremely high in achieving cleanliness and overall safe food handling. Hand washing, produce cleanliness, water testing, chemical safety, and most importantly, accountability for the produce we send out our doors!

JEEM Farms guarantees your satisfaction in taste and quality! If you are not completely satisfied with the produce you purchase from us, please don't hesitate to let us know. We make every effort to listen to you, and realize that without your support, JEEM Farms would be unable to exist.

We welcome the opportunity to have your business, and always look forward to meeting new customers! 



Larry Masten - 336-710-3783

Michelle Masten McKinney - 336-710-5301

email -

Location and Hours:

(We will be delivering to various places at different

times during the week...

check the "Farmer's Market" link for more info!)


For your convenience, the pick-up location is provided:

129 Quesinberry Road

Pinnacle, NC 27043

Our hours of operations are:

Mon - Fri: 11:00AM-6:00PM

Sat: 10AM-3PM   

Sun: by appt        

(Always try to call before coming to ensure staff and tomato availability.)

Or, call for an appt...

we will be more than happy to work with your schedule!

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