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Where can you find our tomatoes??

We are only attending the Cobblestone Farmers Market. If you plan to purchase tomatoes at this market, 

feel free to call ahead to preorder.

You can also find our tomatoes at the Harris Teeter Grocery Stores. To discover which stores our tomatoes can be found at, please call or email us. (Location depends on our availability, so it can vary from week to week.)


"Old Salem Market" -Saturday's

-April through July-

call or email us for directions

*OUR GREENHOUSE* You can almost always find us at the greenhouse, but if we aren't there, call us! We are happy to stop what we're doing to meet you!!

We plan to attend the above mentioned Farmer's Markets on the designated days and times. If you plan to attend the Farmer's Market to purchase our tomatoes, it's not a bad idea to give us a call to let us know what your intentions are so we can set your tomatoes aside. And, even though we plan to attend the markets, we sometimes have high demand at the greenhouses, so there stands a chance we won't have the supply to provide at Farmer's Markets. Additionally, the super cold weather isn't good for our tomatoes, so there is a good possibility we will need to adjust the times in order to have a 'warmer' part of the day to set up. (Remember, tomatoes don't like refrigerator's, so really cold weather can imitate a refrigerator.)

If you have questions about the location of any of the Farmer's Markets, call or email us. We will give you directions.

If you could be interested in having us deliver to your area, please let

us know. We will be happy to consider your input!

*Independent deliveries or wholesale:

If you have a delivery of 50 pounds or more, there is no delivery charge.*

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